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Sands, Clays and Soils

Our range of Sands, Clays and Soils. This includes; Soil Study, such as the difference between Clay, Sand and Peat soils as part of school teaching; and Deposits. Deposits such as Glacial Sands, Clays and Shell Bed samples are all available as either small sample containers, or loose 1kg bags.

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Soil Investigation

We have a special soil investigation kit which is aimed at schools. This special kit, ideal for classroom teaching, includes four different soil types to study, as well as teachers notes.

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Small Samples

A range of Sands, Clays and Soils are available in our special resealable, fully labelled containers. Deposits such as Glacial Sands, and Shell Bed samples from the Pliocene and Pleistocene, make both excellent samples for studying by hand, or for viewing under a microscope.

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1kg Bags

A few popular samples are available in loose 1kg bags. Including, glacial examples of sands and pebble beds, and a range of fossil rich shell beds from the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

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Fossiliferous Samples

These special samples are rich in fossils, and have been pre-sieved to offer the maximum fossil concentration. Most of the samples contain fossils which would need a microscope to view, although a few larger samples do offer fossils that can be viewed by the naked eye.

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