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Microscopes for sale

Our microscopes for Sale. We have a wide range of both Traditional and Digital microscopes aimed at adults and children, education establishments such as schools, colleges and universities, and many companies. There are several different types of microscopes depending on what the intended use is for. They can provide hours of fun but are also an important tool for students, companies etc. studying sciences. We also sell microscope related products such as accessories, slides and tools. 

Products (13)

SilverGEO Kristall S45 Zoom

From 379,95 € 202,34 €

BM1 Long Arm Stereo

From 323,99 €


From 149,95 € 68,94 €

SP60P Polarising Microscope

From 687,37 €

SP75P Polarising Microscope

From 826,23 €

SP78P Polarising Microscope

From 1242,82 €

Fieldlite 500 Mini Stereoscope

From 86,22 € 57,44 €

Wedmore SP 14

From 225,34 €

DM-2 Earth Science Stereo Microscope

From 149,95 € 68,94 €
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