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Most Popular Fossils

A range of our most popular fossils selected from our stock. This range includes Complete Fossil Kits, Ammonites, Fish, Shark Teeth, Dinosaur Teeth/Bones, Trilobites, and more! All our fossils are 100% genuine and come with certificates of authentication. 

We also have a dedicated fossil website with more fossils to choose from. 

Products (35)

Fossil Treasure Chest

From 7,99 €

Complete Fossil Set

From 17,19 €

Large Fossil Set

From 28,70 €

Dinosaur Fossil Pack

From 9,95 € 8,58 €

Childrens Rock and Fossil Set

From 22,95 € 17,19 €

Spinosaurus Tooth

From 6,84 €

Mosasaur Teeth

From 3,39 €
Out of Stock

Gerastos sp. Trilobite - Devonian, Morocco

From 11,44 €
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