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Full range of Orienteering Equipment, including - Orienteering Flags, Punchers, Competition Cards and Compasses.

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Complete Orienteering Packs

Punches, Cards and Flags

These complete Orienteering Packs contain Flags, Coded Punches, and Competition Cards.For full details of each individual product in this pack the items can be found for sale separately under Orienteering on the menu bar.

From 148,14 €
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Orienteering Coded Punches (Orienteering Symbols)

10 symbols per pack

Orienteering Punches (also known as Orienteering Symbols) are available in two different series, series A and series B. Each series contains ten orienteering punches, giving twenty different symbol shapes. These punches are used to punch marking holes into orienteering competition cards, which we also have available to purchase. All our orienteering equipment has bulk buy discounts.

From 56,94 €
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Orienteering Competitors Cards

100 cards per pack

These Orienteering Competition Cards have 27 squares on each card and are used in conjunction with the Orienteering Coded Punches. All our orienteering equipment has bulk buy discounts.

From 6,73 €
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Orienteering Flag Markers

Silva's Orienteering Flag Markers are available in three sizes. These orienteering flags are made from Polyamide and are coloured White and orange as per International Orienteering Federation standards. All our orienteering equipment has bulk buy discounts.

From 5,64 €
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