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Healing Crystals

This section covers our most popular minerals and crystals for healing. Healing crystals are well documented and almost all crystals and minerals have some kind of properties associated with them. Here is a section of the common ones.

We also have a dedicated crystals website with more crystals to choose from. 

We also have a spiritual website with more spiritual products to choose from. 

Products (42)

Adamite Emotion

From 5,52 €

Almandine [Fertility]

From 4,54 €

Amethyst February Stress

From 3,39 €

Citrine [Prosperity]

From 2,88 €

Howlite [Healing Pain]

From 0,58 €

Kunzite [Calm Children]

From 3,39 €

Kyanite [Loyalty]

From 2,88 €
Out of Stock

Necklace and Spiral Pendant

From 1,14 €

Obsidian [Truth]

From 3,74 €
Out of Stock

Pietersite [Third eye activation]

From 6,84 €

Purpurite [Break Habits]

From 6,84 €

Quartz Power and Energy

From 2,88 €

Sunstone [Good luck]

From 3,74 €

Tektite [Wisdom]

From 2,88 €

Tiger Eye Protection

From 4,02 €

Tourmaline [Happiness]

From 5,70 €

Zeolites [Remove Toxins]

From 7,99 €
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