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Our compasses are made by the leading international manufacturers 'Silva' and 'Suunto'. They are hard wearing, yet easy to use. Compasses are used by a wide range of people including marines, hikers, walkers, educations and the military. There are many types of compass from small simple ones that fit on to your existing watch, to highly professional compasses which are accurate to 0.5 degrees.

Products (12)

Silva Field 7

From 17,70 €

Suunto KB-14

From 158,20 €

SilverGEO 18mm Compass

From 0,56 €

Board Demo Compass

From 18,83 €

Suunto KB-20

From 79,10 €

Suunto A-30 L

From 20,28 €

Suunto A-10

From 12,37 €

Suunto M-3/G/L

From 49,72 €

Suunto MCB

From 18,02 €

Silva 66 Wrist Compass

From 45,14 €
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