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British Fossils

This section includes all our genuine British Fossils, by popular demand, filtering out fossils found from around the world, and focusing on UK only material.

We also have a dedicated fossil website with more fossils to choose from. 

Products (33)

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Belemnite [Cylindroteuthis sp.], Jurassic, UK

From 17,19 €

British Dinosaur Bone

From 3,39 €
Out of Stock

Coral [Cryptangia woodi], Pliocene, UK

From 2,88 €

Durham Carboniferous Plants, UK

From 19,95 € 11,44 €

Ichthyosaur Vertebraes

From 17,19 €

Snakestone Ammonite

From 26,39 €
Out of Stock

Stromatolite, Wenlock, Silurian

From 11,44 €

Turtle/Crocodile Remains

From 0,58 €
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