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Geological Maps

Geological Maps for the World, Europe and United Kingdom. We include geological maps by the BGS for Bedrock (Solid) geology and Superficial Deposits, Onshore, Offshore. We also have worldwide Hydrological maps, Geophysical Maps, Stratigraphical charts and posters in this range.

Most maps are available as Flat (Rolled in a tube), or Folded editions. We also include memoirs and sheet explanations which are books explaining the geology in more detail.

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1:50,000 - UK Geology

Standard British Geological Survey Maps (BGS). The 1:50,000 series is the standard and most commonly used type of geology map for UK Geology. Geology covers either the Solid Bedrock, or the Superficial Deposits. These maps are available in Flat, or Folded editions, and they cover a vast majority of the UK. This series also has an extensive number of memoirs and map explanation books. Our easy to use map search tool will help you find the specific map for your requirements.

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1:250,000 - UK Geology

The 1:250,000 scale UK Geology Maps covers larger areas (Roughly covering county size areas). As well as onshore UK Geology, this area covers extensive offshore geology around the UK in the common shipping areas including Sea-bed sediments which are not covered under any other map.

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1:25,000 - Classic Area

Some areas of the UK which are commonly studied, or of great international importance for their geology are covered in this special range of 1:25,000 scale maps,the most detailed you can get. These are know as "Classic Area Maps". But are only available in a few areas.

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Whole UK and Posters

Full UK Sheets, or Half Sheets covering a summarised map of UK Geology. This range includes both wall-posters, ideal for displaying as a quick reference to UK Geology, or as handy, folded field maps along with books which explain the geology seen on maps. Both onshore, and offshore geology in both Solid (Bedrock) and Superficial deposits are available.

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World Geology

World Geology Maps covering both the World on single sheets, continents and key classic areas. Our World geology maps cover both onshore and sea bed geology. We have a range of wall-posters as a quick guide to Worldwide Geology.

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These special technical maps cover Magnetic and Gravity Anomaly. Gravity and magnetic anomalies show small departures from the expected values of the Earth's gravity and magnetic fields caused by variations in the density and magnetisation of the rocks within the crust. The gravity map shows contour values as Bouger anomaly onshore, and free-air anomaly offshore. The magnetic map shows countours displayed as total field anomaly.

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Special Hydrogeology maps which indicate areas where groundwater resources are vulnerable to pollution, and aspects of groundwater availability, exploitation and quality.

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Wall charts that detail geological stratigraphic tables. They contain formations and ages for rocks and deposits throughout the World. Like all Earth science disciplines, chronostratigraphy is continually evolving, and the geologic time scales must be periodically updated with numerical ages provided with an ever increasing precision.

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Historical Geology

Reproduction maps of famous and classic geologists. This range includes those by William Smith and MacCulloch's. These maps are used for examining early geological understanding and how it differs from today.

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