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Grits, Media, and Polish

Grits and Media are a vital part of cleaning, polishing and deburring stones, metals and jewellery. For stone tumbling, we have various grades of Silicon Carbide and various polish. For metal cleaning, we have a wide range of media depending on metal type and required finish. We sell in either small pots, or larger containers and sacks.

We also have a rock tumbling website with more rock tumblers, rough rocks and related products to choose from. 

Products (10)

Silicon Carbide Grit

From £8.50

Polishing Powder

From £4.95

Plastic Pellets

From £3.99

Steel Media

From £16.50


From £6.95

Cutting Media/Powder

From £6.95

Crushed Walnut Shells

From £4.95

Crushed Corn/Maize

From £3.95
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