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Augers and Soil Samplers are used for sampling depths. The Soil Sampler is an easy 1m core which can be pushed into the ground to find out what soil types are down to 1m. Augers can be used to sample any depth, as they come in segments which can easily be extended.

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Core Soil Sampler (Hardened Steel)

For taking small samples from a depth of up to 1.2m

Core Soil Sampler for taking samples of soil, sand and clays from a depth of 1.2m. The sampling shaft is 16mm in diameter and 1.2m in length, with a 9mm sampling groove running the full length. The shaft has decimeter graduations allowing you to measure the sample depth. Incorporated into the handle is a cleaning tool for the sampling groove. The tool is fully galvanized for protection.

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Augers (Screw Type, Hardened Steel)

For sampling of greater depths with a wider bore

Auger heads for on-site hand augering and soil investigations. Heads of 50mm diameter simply screw on to steel extension rods allowing you to extend in 1m increments. The extension rods screw into a driving 'T' handle. All male and female fittings are ¾" BSP and are hardened spring steel. When ordering for the first time you will need the handle, extension and auger head couplings (supplied). This is the SCREW type fitting.

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1m Extension Rod & Coupling
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50mm Dutch Soil Auger Head
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'T' Driving Handle
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