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Measuring Tools

Our range of Calipers, Measuring Tapes and Rules. Essential measuring devices for field trips. Here you will find standard measuring tapes, wheels and walking wheels. Calipers are used for measuring specimen thickness.

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Caliper gauge

For measuring depth of specimens

General purpose caliper with plastic body and metal spine. Can be used for internal, external, and depth measurements. Metric/imperial graduations, cm/mm and 1/16"(inches). Ideal for measuring rock, mineral and fossil specimen thickness quickly and easily.

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Children's Caliper Gauge

1mm to 30cm

This metric calliper can be used to measure the depth, width and thickness of most objects from 1mm to 30cm by simply reading measurements through a viewing window. This model has been specially designed for children and schools.

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Classic Map Measurer

Eight map scales between 1:15.000 and 1:750.000

The classic, wheel type map measurer with a 'pencil grip' handle has a double faced scale offering common OS and Geology map scales. It has 8 map scales - 1:15,000, 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000, 1:200,000, 1:400,000, 1:500,000 & 1:750,000.

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Fibreglass Tape Measure

30m/100ft fibreglass tape, graduated metres into cm/mm and feet into inches. 13mm wide tape blade with stainless steel claw at end. Plastic case with a plated, flush winding handle, and metallic case strap

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General Measuring Tapes

High quality, pocket measuring tape, ideal for field work. Made of ABS plastic. Available in various lengths and widths.

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3M - 16mm
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5M - 25mm
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7.5M - 25mm
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Geo Field Ruler

Ideal for field use and as a scale for photographing

This Geo Ruler is ideal for field use and for photographing specimens when portraying size. Colour graduated in cm on one side, with 10cm long colour graduated blocks on adjacent side. It's made of hard thick plastic and is waterproof.

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10+ $2.13  

Grain Size Cards

These Grain Size Cards are university standard, ideal for both students for their geology courses and professionals. Each card is printed onto translucent plastic for easy reading and comparing against grain size and texture in the field. The card also includes a special sorting chart, roundness scale and percentage by area images. The cards are made from plastic and are completely waterproof and tear resistant, they measure 149mm x 72mm.

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Measuring Wheel

Adjustable handle, 600-950mm long

One person operation, automatically records measurements whilst user walks. Durable, lightweight and compact, with illuminated readout for poor lighting conditions, and reset facility on milometer. Supplied with a stand and a durable canvas carrying bag.

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Photo Scale Card

This flexible plastic, credit card size Photo Scale Card is the perfect addition for any fossil hunters wallet, purse or pocket. Fully waterproof and with an 8cm black and white scale rule, with each square divided into mm, this tool is perfect for taking out in any weather and measuring your wonderful finds. Whether the fossil is unattainable from a rock or you just haven't taken any tools with you, this can simply be placed next to your find when taking a photo of the specimen to upload to a forum or social media to show its true scale. It even has information on the back of the card detailing where you can get your finds identified!

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Silva Map Measurer Plus

The Silva Map Measurer Plus is a fantastic way to be able to plan your trip in detail. This compact waterproof measurer that has an easy to read digital display will measure your planned route in your chosen scale, kilometres, miles or nautical miles, making it ideal for walk leaders, expedition leaders and keen walkers alike. This Silva Map Measurer Plus can also calculate how long it will take for you to cover the rest of your trip so you can pace yourself to ensure you reach your destination .LCD digital displayFree choice of scaleAdds/subtracts distanceTime to destination calculationCountdown timerWaterproofSize: 9 x 4cmWeight: 100g (approx.)Silva Map Measurer Plus

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