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Specimen Display Stands

A range of display stands including Plate stands, 'L' shape stands and Egg stands. The Plate and 'L' stands are ideal for agate slices, and thin, sizable specimens, whilst the Egg stands are used mainly for collectors of Mineral Eggs.

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Egg and Sphere stands

Great for displaying small Mineral Eggs

These stands are great for displaying small mineral eggs, minerals and rocks with a base size similar to that of an egg. They stand 20mm tall and are 50mm wide including the legs. The central hole is 31mm at the top and 22mm at the base. Available in Black or Clear.

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$2.06 In Stock
10+ $0.73  
50+ $0.53  
100+ $0.39  
500+ $0.29  
$2.06 In Stock
10+ $0.73  
50+ $0.53  
100+ $0.39  
500+ $0.29  

Agate, (Plate) Stands

Ideal for displaying specimens

These low cost plate stands are ideal for displaying specimens. They come with a 2", 3", 4" or 5" height. They are clear and have adjustable widths. The widths have a maximum span matching the height.

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2" each
$0.45 In Stock
50+ $0.31  
100+ $0.24  
1000+ $0.16  
3" each
$0.74 In Stock
50+ $0.51  
100+ $0.39  
1000+ $0.20  
4" each
$1.08 In Stock
50+ $0.73  
100+ $0.57  
500+ $0.47  
5" each
$1.72 In Stock
50+ $1.02  
100+ $0.92  
1000+ $0.73  

L Stands

Strong enough to support heavy fossils

These L Stands are perfect for holding fossils, agate slices and minerals. They come as a two part piece, easy to assemble. Simply push the base into the stand. They are strong enough to support heavy fossils, and come in three sizes, Small, Large and Giant. Small:  50mm tall with a 70mm x 40mm base. Large:  80mm tall with a 95mm x 55mm base. Giant:  105mm tall with a 130mm x 75mm base.

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$1.18 In Stock
50+ $0.82  
100+ $0.61  
500+ $0.45  
$1.96 In Stock
50+ $1.31  
100+ $1.04  
500+ $0.73  
$2.92 In Stock
50+ $1.96  
100+ $1.49  
500+ $1.08  

Mineral/Agate stands

Easy to assemble, very sturdy

These high quality mineral/agate stands come in two pieces which are easy to assemle, very sturdy and made from frosted plastic. They measure 6" (150mm) tall and 6" (150mm) wide. They come wrapped as single units to prevent scratches and scuffing during transit ensuring they are of the highest quality.

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6" - each
$3.90 In Stock
10+ $3.63  
50+ $3.43  
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