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Microscopes and Slides

Our Microscopes and Microscopy section, we sell a wide range of microscopes and science related equipment, everything from petri dishes to dissecting kits. We also sell 'Microfossil Slides' and cutting equipment as well as prepared slides.

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Fieldlite 500 Mini Stereoscope

x20 Magnification

A superb lightweight stereo microscope, ideal for field use and a variety of applications. The build quality is excellent and the price exceptional. Although this is a light weight instrument, it is at the same time robust and is well able to withstand the rigours of outdoor life. The optical components are achromatic glass lenses, with the wide field eyepieces being standard compound microscope units. The eyetubes are inclined at 45 degrees for ease of use and comfort, which adds to the excellent value for money.

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Special Offer - Was $168.99 (MC1800)
$58.70 In Stock

Coverslips - Round

Supplied in packs of 100

Our specialist clear, pre-washed round cover slips are 0.13-0.17mm thick. Made from the highest quality glass. The coverslips are suitable for general, and laboratory use. Each full case of 10 packs (1000 coverslips) is vacuum packed in an easy opening packet.

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8mm diameter
$3.92 In Stock
10mm diameter
$3.92 In Stock
12mm diameter
$3.92 In Stock
16mm diameter
$3.92 In Stock
22mm diameter
$3.92 In Stock

Coverslips - Square (Standard)

Suitable for general, and laboratory use

Clear, pre-washed glass. These coverslips are 0.15mm thick. Each case is vacuum packed, and easy opening, no need for scissors. Our coverslips are made from the highest quality glass. The coverslips are suitable for general, and laboratory use.

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18 x 18mm - box of 100
$0.98 In Stock
22 x 22mm - box of 100
$1.96 In Stock
22 x 40mm - box of 100
$3.92 In Stock
24 x 24mm - box of 100
$2.94 In Stock
24 x 40mm - box of 100
$3.92 In Stock
24 x 60mm - box of 100
$3.92 In Stock

Plain Microscopy Slides

Boxed in 50 slides per pack

Plain, Plain Frosted and Plain Ground Edge Slides. Our slides are made from clear glass, being 1mm thick. These plain slides are ideal for routine analysis. To keep the slides clean, each case is vacuum packed, but easy to open. Standard dimensions: 26mm x 76mm. Ground Edge slides are ideal for schools, having slightly rounded edges. Cavity 15mm: Slide thickness 1.0-1.2mm.

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$2.74 In Stock
Plain, Frosted Edge
$2.94 In Stock
Plain, Frosted Ground Edge
$1.96 In Stock

Petri Dishes - One Compartment

Sterile by aseptic production process

Standard petri dishes made in polystyrene with an aseptic production process guaranteed. Petri Dishes are packed in 20 unit bags (90mm x 14mm), 15 unit bags (55mm x 14mm) and 10 unit bags (140mm x 20mm), but can be purchased individually. Popular with universities and colleges.

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90mm x 14mm
$0.49 In Stock

Insect Collecting Pooter

A safe and easy way to collect insects

An insect collecting pooter is a safe and easy way to collect insects. By sucking into the end of one of the attached straws, insects will be hoovered up the second straw and become trapped in the centre canister. Don't panic however, as built in filters ensure that any insects, soils etc. are restricted from being sucked up into your mouth! These are very popular with children and schools.

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$4.12 In Stock
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