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Chemicals, Resins, Epoxy

Various chemicals and liquids used to preserve, repair and prepare fossils. Our range includes Acetic Acid which is used to remove matrix from fossils, Acetone for preserving fossils, as well as Resins and Silica Gel.

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Milliput Repair Putty

Epoxy resin for filling in

Used to repair and fix pots, baths, sinks, tiles etc. where parts may be damaged or missing, it will also do the same for fossils. This special Putty sets Rock Hard, is fully water and heat resistant, and does not expand or contract. Easy and safe to use. Low Cost. This is the standard 113.4g (4 oz) size box.

More Details
Standard (Yellow/Grey)
$7.58 In Stock
Superfine White
$11.40 In Stock

Aluminium Oxide

Used for fossil preparation by grit blasting

Great for fast cutting and used for preparing fossils using Air Grit Blasting. We stock F220 and F320 grade, which are ideal for fast cutting. We sell this product in large containers, holding 5kg, with a carry handle for easy movability. They have a screw lid for perfect storage.

More Details
F320 (31 microns) - 5kg tub
$84.13 In Stock
F320 (31 microns) - 25kg bag
$280.69 In Stock
F220 (63 microns) - 5kg tub
$60.37 In Stock
F220 (63 microns) - 25kg bag
$170.53 In Stock

Polishing Powder

Polish, used to give a shine to rocks and fossils

We recommend Pumice Powder for hobby tumbling. Our special grade works fast with excellent results. It's cleaner, lighter and more cost effective. 'Tin Oxide' can also be used for that extra shine, and ‘Zinc Oxide’ can be used as a lower grade polish. Cerium Oxide is used for the best results and greatest shine, and goes the furthest, but is the most expensive. All our polishing powders of quantities up to 10kg come with a resealable container, whilst higher quantities are shipped as sacks. You can also add plastic pellets, making it go further and polish faster. Weights are an approximate Gross value.

More Details
Pumice Powder - 169g
5–74 microns
$15.01 In Stock
Pumice Powder - 1.7kg
5–74 microns
$51.73 In Stock
Pumice Powder - 22.68kg
5–74 microns
$302.29 In Stock
Cerium Oxide - 200g
$21.49 In Stock
Cerium Oxide - 20kg
$540.00 In Stock
Zinc Oxide - 200g
0.18-0.36 microns
$10.69 In Stock
Zinc Oxide - 25kg
0.18-0.36 microns
$343.44 In Stock
Tin Oxide - 165g
$21.49 In Stock
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