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Children's Books

Our special book category for children. We feature many books on dinosaurs, rocks and fossils. Suitable for all ages, we have extremely informative books, and creative books that make learning fun.

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Discover Science - Rocks and Fossils

Make science accessible with this essential series that will capture children's imagination while laying the foundation for future learning. With age-appropriate language and an eye-catching design, "Discover Science - Rocks and Fossils" gives young readers the answers to fundamental questions. Discover how volcanoes make rocks, find out about how tree sap can become a precious stone, and even make your own fun fossils.

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Fossil Focus Guides

These fold out Fossil Focus guide leaflets feature detailed information on specific groups of fossils. They are waterproof and contain many diagrams, charts and pictures. There are many to chose from or collect, and are packed full of facts about each group, including how to identify a fossil & how that creature lived. They are an excellent aid for discovering specimens whilst out and about.

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Naturetrail Rocks & Fossils

Age 7+

An introduction to rocks, minerals and fossils, with tips on where to find them. Contains fascinating facts and detailed diagrams on how different rocks and minerals are formed. Includes tips and advice for collecting and cleaning fossils and stones, and internet links to websites to find out more. ISBN 9780746096338

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Rock and Fossil Hunter

Age 8+

This superb book, Rock and Fossil Hunter, was featured and recommended on BBC Blue Peter. It is packed with over 30 fun activities to do, whilst learning about rocks and fossils. Highly recommended for children. Become a nature activity adventurer! Get expert tips on rock and fossil hunting and try over 30 cool projects. Create an amazing crystal creations in a grapefruit skin or an earth-shaking volcano. Also includes a handy spotters guide, showing you how to identify rocks, mineral and fossils that you might find in your own backyard!

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Usborne Dinosaur Stencil Book

Age 3+

A creative and educational title that gives young children a chance to develop their drawing skills and obtain knowledge all about dinosaurs. The lively artwork can literally be lifted from the page, as the book contains six stencils with two different templates to draw around. The stencils can be used again and again, popping out and pushing back in to the pages of the book. Adventurous artists can even use the templates to create their own scenes and narratives.

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Usborne Spotter's Guides - Rocks & Minerals

Age 7+

Usborne Spotters Guides are perfect companions for enthusiasts of the natural world. Each title includes detailed full-colour illustrations, plus short descriptions and essential details, as well as internet links to recommended websites which contain more information about each subject. A classic Usborne series reissued using the latest reproduction technology for accuracy of colour and detail. Perfect for both children and adults and incredible value for money.

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