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These special technical maps cover Magnetic and Gravity Anomaly. Gravity and magnetic anomalies show small departures from the expected values of the Earth's gravity and magnetic fields caused by variations in the density and magnetisation of the rocks within the crust. The gravity map shows contour values as Bouger anomaly onshore, and free-air anomaly offshore. The magnetic map shows countours displayed as total field anomaly.

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Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World

This map is the first global compilation of the wealth of magnetic anomaly information derived from more than 50 years of aeromagnetic surveys over land areas, research vessel magnetometer traverses at sea, and observations from earth-orbiting satellites, supplemented by anomaly values derived from oceanic crustal ages. The objective is to provide an interpretive dimension to surface observations of the Earth’s composition and geologic structure. Metamorphism, petrology, and redox state all have important effects on the magnetism of crustal materials.

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Seismotectonic Map of the Middle East

This map was produced by the CGMW Subcommission for the Middle East and compiled by Dr.A. Haghipour of the Geological Survey of Iran, as a contribution to the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction. It covers a particularly sensitive zone of our planet from the seismic point of view. On a geotectonic base, 1,013 major historical earthquakes are plotted, ranging from the 3rd millennium B.C. to 1900 A.D., as well as 3,029 teleseismic events of the 20th century, with a magnitude of 5 and over, and arranged according to magnitude and focal depth.

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