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Oils and Liquids

All liquids can be found in this section, including Oil, such as Crude oil, often used as a classroom aid for study of fossil fuels. Each specimen is fully labelled and comes in small glass bottles.

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Crude Oil

**Genuine Crude Oil**This 15ml sample of Crude Oil is pure & unmodified, and was collected from the Oil Shale in Dorset, UK. Crude oil is a naturally produced substance comprised of hydrocarbons. It is considered a fossil fuel as when analyzing several kinds of crude oils you will find fossilised spores, shells and partially degraded natural components of such creatures as algae, plancton, corals etc. It originates from animals and plants that became buried millions of years ago and slowly started to go through the natural fossilisation process. Then due to other geological processes, those would-be-fossils were entrenched and buried deeper into the Earth’s crust. This causes the organic matt...

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