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1kg Loose Rocks

Our loose rocks come in 1kg bags, and are fully labelled. We try to include a mix of various size pieces in the bag, and try to ensure all rocks are weathered. Most bags include enough samples, of a good size, for classroom studies etc. We have divided the rocks into common curriculum rock type.

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Igneous Rocks

Igneous rocks are formed either deep underground within the earth, when magma becomes trapped in small pockets and slowly cools down to a solid form, Or above ground after volcano eruptions when lava cools down and becomes a solid form. Common types include Granite, Basalt, Gabbro, Pumice and Rhyolite.

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Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have 'morphed' into another type of rock. These rocks were once Igneous or Sedimentary rocks which have been subjected to intense pressure and heat. Common types includes, Gneiss, Schist, Marble and Slates.

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Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary Rocks are formed from sediment which has settled at the bottom of rivers, lakes and oceans. Layer after layer of sediment is deposited on top of each other, then through time each layer is compressed down more and more, until the bottom layers slowly turn into a solid form of rock. Common types include Limestone, Mudstone, Shale, and Sandstone.

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Pyroclastic Rocks

Pyroclastic rocks are formed from lavas which are ejected into the air, as occurs in pyroclastic flows or plinian eruptions. They include Pumice, Volcanic Bombs, Ignimbrite and Ash.

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