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Common Questions

Morocco Composite Fossils

All fossils have been verified as genuine by museum experts.

Please be aware that some fossils from Morocco, are composite fossils. The trilobite plates, and mosasaur jaws for instance are a composite. The fossils are GENUINE but the matrix is not. Therefore it is not a 'Fake'. And there is very good scientific reason for this being done
Let me first tell you some background into the Deposits of Morocco...

In the case of Mosasaur jaws: Most fossils come from a sandy bed in Morocco. Fossils extracted from this bed are fragile, and would never come in a hard matrix, they can crumble apart, the fossils are found together but naturally the teeth and jaw sections come away. 

In the case of Trilobites: by their name “Tri-lo-bite”, these fossils are actually in three sections, the head, middle and tail. These often break away which is why the head, body or tail is usually found on its own. The plates and indeed some of the trilobites which are found in natural softer material, are put on a composite plate. The Trilobite plates are one example, all the fossils are genuine, but the matrix has been produced from natural materials to ensure these fragile fossils are preserved and would survive the harsh transportation and handling. 

ANYONE who works with restoring, preserving and prepping fossils, will understand the need to support fragile fossils. The Mosasaur Jaws for instance would simply break up, fall apart and crumble without a hard base. As part of the preparing and preservation process, sand is mixed with a hardening liquid and the jaws reassembled AS THEY would have been naturally found.
This DOES NOT constitute a fake. A fake is a fossil which is not genuine.