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UV Lamps

UV lamps are used for viewing minerals in fluorescent colours. We sell Shortwave/Longwave Lamps and Protective Wear which is extremely important when working with UV lamps.

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Portable UV Lamp

This lamp is designed and tested for working with minerals, enabling you to see minerals in Fluorescent colours. This Portable UV Lamp (six watts) is lightweight, made of durable plastic, and excellent for field use. It has a split-tube longwave/shortwave combination (365/254nm). You will require 2x batteries for each lamp together with UV protection (goggles and mask), which we also sell to prevent skin burn, you must wear gloves and cover all skin areas when operating this lamp.

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Portable Lamp
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UV Safety Wear

IMPORTANT: When using UV products, you MUST ensure that you wear protection. Without protection UV can cause skin burns, and skin cancer. These UV Safety Wear products have filters that filter out harmful UV radiation. You must also wear gloves and a long sleeved top when working with UV, so that all skin is covered up, and not exposed!

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UV Protective Face Shield
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UV Protective Goggles
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