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Collectors Grade

High quality, collectors grade specimens. These are our premier fossils which have all been professionally prepared and identified. They are museum quality specimens. All our fossils come with a certificate of authentication, and we ensure none are from any special sites of scientific interest or any other protected sites.

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RARE: Partial Dinosaur Egg from France

From £350.00
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Cyphaspis sp. Devonian, Morocco

From £155.00
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Excellent Coyote Mandible

From £195.00
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RARE: Fossil Bird Feather, France

From £75.00
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Isle of Wight Fish, Eocene, UK

From £150.00

Lebauchia plant, Permian, Germany

From £175.00 £95.95
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Mesacanthus peachi Fish Fossil, Devonian, Scotland

From £25.00 £12.50

Mammoth Molars, Pleistocene, Hungary

From £175.00 £87.46

Dercetis sp., Cretaceous, Lebanon

From £75.00 £55.00
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