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How to become an affiliate

It is easy to become an affiliate with UKGE, and soon you can be making money by selling our products on your website, or promoting us on social networking sites, discussion boards, with friends or anywhere you like. You can choose where and what. Maybe you would like to add an advertising banner to your website, or maybe you wish to promote certain products or categories.

Earn 10% of every sale if someone clicks on a link, and better than that, every time the same customer who originally found your link, orders again, you will continue to earn 10% of the sale. Over time, this can build up to a substantial amount of revenue!

How to sign up: if you havn't already done so, create a new customer account with UKGE. If you already have an account, make sure you are logged in. Simply go to 'My Account' and click affiliates. Now, request to become an affiliate...we will do the rest, and email you when its all done.

Once all live, you will notice that every page on our website whilst you are logged in, now has an orange box, this orange box contains the vital URL link that you can use to promote whatever product or category you like. For linking to our main homepage, simply download our logos and add to your site, then simply copy the link from my account.