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Sell your rocks, fossils and minerals


As a major supplier to education, we are always looking for collectors of rock, fossils and minerals. We can even arrange collection directly from you (terms apply). We sometimes take both raw, irregular sized rock up to 50kg, bulk mineral specimens and large fossil collections. We will negotiate a fair price with you. But for bulk fossils, if we can keep the price low enough, we can add to our UKGE wholesale listing, which would mean far more sales and regular ordering with you. 


We understand, and respect the hard work of collectors. Often families of the deceased do not know what to do with collections of fossils. Our policy is that, we can take collections and price accordingly, but any important fossils will always be donated to a museum under the original collectors name. Sometimes, specimens will also be donated to schools to teach the next generation of collectors, or for regular and common fossils we will resell. Please contact us for more details,