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Microscopes for sale

Our microscopes for Sale. We have a wide range of both Traditional and Digital microscopes aimed at adults and children, education establishments such as schools, colleges and universities, and many companies. There are several different types of microscopes depending on what the intended use is for. They can provide hours of fun but are also an important tool for students, companies etc. studying sciences. We also sell microscope related products such as accessories, slides and tools. 

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SilverGEO Kristall S45 Zoom

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BM1 Long Arm Stereo

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Categories (7)

Lower Magnification (Stereomicroscopes)

Suitable for Whole Insects, Fossils, Coins, Rocks, Circuit boards and similar specimens.A Stereo Microscope allow specimens to be viewed with two eyepieces, giving a 3D like view. These microscopes tend to be low to medium magnification with mostly transmitted lighting. They are more suitable for both large, or solid objects, such as fossils, coins, rocks and circuit boards.

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Higher Magnification (Compound)

Suitable for small specimens such as insect structures, cells, leaf structure, diseases, etc. Compound Microscopes offer high magnification, of which they are mostly used with Incident lighting (from below). These microscopes are the most common and have the widest use, Magnifications can reach up to x2000 in this range.

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Microscopes for Children

Microscopes suitable for children. As well as a range of young children's starter microscopes, our robust high quality Explorer II series are suitable for children at pre-school level right up to high school.

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Portable and Field Microscopes

Pocket and Field Microscopes are small microscopes that are easily portable and can be used out in the field. They are normally battery powered and some are small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. Ideal for field trips and field study. Some microscopes in this section are both electric and battery operated, meaning you can use them in the lab, but also use them when out in the field.

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Polarising Microscopes

Microscopes that employ polarising light to show changes in internal structure and composition of material not discernible with ordinary light. This type of microscope is used extensively in industry for product control.

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Metallurigical Microscopes

This type of microscope is used for visual examination, with magnification of opaque objects, polished metal specimens, and similar materials. These are particularly useful in industrial work, for example, examining defects in metal parts.

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Microscope accessories

A range of microscope accessories such as camera attachments, imaging, micrometers and eyepieces. We cannot guarantee that these will fit all microscopes, so we recommend to check with us first.

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