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Spiritual and Divination

Covering our range of spiritual and paranormal related products. From Pendulums to singing bowls, wands to Tarot and Ouija Boards, this is the section for all new age products, paranormal and healing crystals.

We also have a spiritual website with more spiritual products to choose from. 

Products (58)

Chakra set

From £9.95

Pagan Tarot Kit

From £24.95

Agate Tealight Holders

From £15.95

Angel SSA Mobile

From £9.95
Out of Stock

Celtic Pentacle (Large)

From £14.95

Chakra Incense Sticks

From £3.99

Coconut leaf chime

From £14.95

Crystal Ball

From £19.95

Dowsing Rods

From £9.56

Healing Crystal Grid

From £4.76

Heart Crystals

From £9.95

Himalayan Bath Salt

From £4.95

Oracle Cards - Energy

From £19.48

Pendulum Board

From £4.76

Pendulum Opalite Cone

From £3.36
Out of Stock

Pendulum Quartz Crystal

From £5.95

Pendulum Tigers Eye

From £6.72

Quartz Pyramid

From £7.95

Quartz Tealight Holder

From £12.95
Out of Stock

Rainbow Bamboo Wind Mobile

From £1.95

Runes Carnelian

From £19.20

Singing Bowl Gift Box

From £22.08

Sun Incense Holder

From £3.95


From £12.95

Worry Dolls

From £2.95
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