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World Geology

World Geology Maps covering both the World on single sheets, continents and key classic areas. Our World geology maps cover both onshore and sea bed geology. We have a range of wall-posters as a quick guide to Worldwide Geology.

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Geological Map of the World

Available in full scale or half scale, flat or folded

Based on an entirely redesigned concept, it integrates the state of the art geological knowledge of our planet at the turning-point of the XX/XXI centuries. This 3rd edition of the map intends to give a better global overview of the mega-structures, and the most important geological assemblages resulting from the complex history of our planet throughout 4 billion years.

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1:35,000,000 - 118cm x 98cm - FOLDED
$65.12 In Stock
1:35,000,000 - 118cm x 98cm - FLAT
$65.12 In Stock

Geological Map of Europe

1:5,000,000 - 167cm x 127cm

The 1:5 Million International Geological Map of Europe and Adjacent Areas (IGME 5000), was printed in December 2005 and released in February 2006. This map, a BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources of Germany) product coordinated by Dr. Kristine Asch under the aegis of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World, is the result of the collaboration of 48 European geological surveys and the support of a network of scientific advisors.

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Geological Map of South America

1:5,500,000 - 153cm x 108cm

Reprint 2005 of the Second Edition (2001). Printed format. Co-publication CGMW-CPRM Geological Survey of Brazil-DNPM. This is the second thoroughly revised edition of the first one published in 1964. The map was coordinated by C. Schobbenhaus and was achieved thanks to the scientific, technical and financial support of the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM), and technical contributions from all the South American geological surveys, as well as the marine geology laboratories of Brazil and Argentina.

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