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Eggs and Spheres

These Eggs and Spheres are Minerals, Crystals and Rocks which have been carved out and polished in the shape of an egg or round sphere. This enables the specimen to be seen for the beautifully natural display of colours & patterns that lay hidden inside its original rough outer layer, which makes displaying such finished specimens much easier and extremely more eye catching. Together with our egg stands these specimens make for attractive, elegant ornamental pieces.

We also have a dedicated crystals website with more crystals to choose from. 

Products (13)

Aventurin - Egg

From €10.11

Howlite - Egg

From €9.24

Labradorite- Egg

From €10.91

Lapis Lazuli - Sphere

From €53.13

Obsidian - Egg

From €10.11

Polychrome Jasper Sphere

From €19.95

Rose Quartz - Egg

From €5.25

Rose Quartz - Egg

From €8.51

Serpentine - Egg

From €10.91

Sodalite - Egg

From €10.11

Sodalite - Sphere

From €26.53

Tiger Eye / Iron -Egg

From €9.24
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