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  • Complete starter packs. Everything you need to start collecting fossils or studying geology. We even have kits for children, complete with fossil samples, child's geology hammer, safety specs in a free haversack. High quality tools at low cost prices.
  • Our Fossils, Rocks and Crystals come with certificates of authentication and are sourced from all over the world. We have a wide selection, suitable as gifts, for children or collectors. We supply education, museums and shops as wholesale.
  • As part of our large Lapidary range, we have stone tumblers, from complete kits for beginners, to industrial machines. Everything you need to polish rocks and minerals, turning them into beautifully gems. We even have all the fittings to make your own jewellery.

Geological and Microscopy supplier. Everything Earth Science, rocks and fossils for sale, hammers and stone tumblers. Supplying the public, education and business.