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Educational Products

Special Packs and Products Suitable for Education, including Bulk Compass Packs, Board and OHP Demo Compasses and Books. We also have a very special Measuring Tape called 'Step' which demonstrates distances of geological periods and planets.

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S.T.E.P. - Scale Tape for Educational Purposes

Demonstrates geological and astronomical distances

The overall aim is to develop appreciation of the main facts of Earth History, our place in Space, and arouse interest in the relevant sciences, then to apply that aroused interest when participating in discussions related to our life choices as humans. The STEP is designed for use outdoors with groups of up to 30 pupils, aged from around 13 years, to illustrate clearly 3 Aspects of Environmental Reality in ways that cannot be done nearly as effectively in a classroom. 

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Board Demo Compass

Demo compass for schools

Perfect for schools etc. this large demo compass can be used on a board to demonstrate how a compass works and allows the principles of navigation to be shown in a clear and precise manner. The board compass is 25cm x 37cm.

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