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Solvents and Reagents

These solvents and reagents are used in microscopy for cleaning, slide fixing, specimen preparation and mounting. We also include immersion oil for high power microscopes.

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EUKITT Mounting Glue

Solvents can only be purchased by those over the age of 18.

EUKITT quick-hardening mounting medium for microscope preparations. Neutral and colourless. Short hardening time (20mins). Refractive index at room temperature: 1.5. Resistant to heat, cold (down to -17ºC), humidity and light including UV rays. It is recommended to close the container immediately after use. If the medium becomes too viscous, add Xylene. Supplied in aluminium bottles for a safer storage.

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£82.95 £99.54* In Stock

Fixative Glues & Slide Mounting

Solvents can only be purchased by those over the age of 18.

These solvents are used to mount slides in microscopy. They come in Permanent or Semi-Permanent glue.

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Buffered Formalin 10% - 250ml
A ready to use phosphate buffered fixative solution
£1.69 £2.03* In Stock
Glycerine Jelly (Semi permanent) - 30ml
£3.62 £4.34* In Stock
Numount (Permanent) - 30ml
£7.19 £8.63* Dispatch In:
3  Days

Lens Cleaning and Immersion Oil

Solvents can only be purchased by those over the age of 18.

We stock immersion oil for use with the 100x and higher objectives, and Iso-propyl alcohol used to clean microscopy lenses, using a fine cloth together with a small amount of these solvents.

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Immersion Oil - 15ml
£2.50 £3.00* In Stock
Immersion Oil - 500ml
£21.00 £25.20* In Stock
Iso-propyl alcohol - 250ml
£1.61 £1.93* In Stock

Solvents and Reagents

Solvents can only be purchased by those over the age of 18.

A range of solvents and reagents. We can obtain most of these in higher volumes, with prices on request. All of these solvents and reagents are supplied in chemical resistant bottles and containers, with full chemical information included.

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Bouins Fixative - 250ml
A tissue preservative composed of saturated picric acid, formaldehyde and glacial acetic acid. Particularly suitable for trichrome connective tissue stains.
£4.19 £5.03* In Stock
Canada Balsam (Xylene free) -15ml
Used for petrographic thin section production. Our Canada Balsam is natural/filtered, and suitable for geology use. We also sell with added xylene for biology use.
£10.95 £13.14* In Stock
Xylene - 500ml
£3.19 £3.83* In Stock

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