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Subscribe to deposits for one year. Deposits comes out every quarter and is a full colour glossy 52 page high quality earth science magazine. It is aimed at both beginners, enthusiasts and professionals. The magazine has gained a strong reputation worldwide, for its superb quality of articles in topical areas.

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Never miss a copy of 'Deposits'. Deposits is released every 3 months with Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn editions. Subscriptions run for one year (4 issues), 2 years, or three years.

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Never miss a copy of 'Deposits'. Each issue is emailed direct to your inbox. Deposits will be released every 3 months. Digital subscriptions run for one year (4 issues).

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UKGE has teamed up with UKAFH, which is the UK’s number one amateur fossil hunting society. They offer events all around the UK, a free digital magazine and regular mailing lists. Members will also have benefits such as 10% off UKGE purchases and Deposits Magazine subscription.  

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